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Real estate agents rarely have the full scope of knowledge that they need to effectively represent their clients and avoid getting sued. They lack the basic understanding of contract law to effectively educate their clients on what it is they are signing and the consequences and terms of a residential purchase agreement. They often don’t understand the way that these agreements are structured and the procedures that they are supposed to follow when, for example, their client wants to terminate a contract. Maybe it’s taken too long and escrow hasn’t closed and they want to terminate. It’s a very technical, highly structured procedure. A lot of agents are great at this but many will sit on it. They will miss important deadlines and won’t explain the consequences of the provisions of the purchase agreement to their clients.

  1. Evictions (“unlawful detainers”)
    1. Evictions for Residential Landlords
    2. Evictions for Commercial Landlords
    3. Mobilehome Evictions for Landlords/Park Owners
  2. Land Use Consultations and Analysis
    1. Zoning, Planning and Development
    2. Defend Homeowners from Code Enforcement Actions and Citations
    3. Public and Private Easement Rights
    4. Public and Private Nuisance Abatement
    5. Tideland/Beachfront Property Rights
    6. Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements
  3. Transactions
    1. Draft Residential Purchase Agreements
    2. Draft Escrow Instructions
    3. Draft Quitclaim and Grant Deeds
    4. Draft Deeds of Trust (“mortgages”)
    5. Draft Mechanic’s Liens
  4. Litigation
    1. Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure
    2. Judgment Enforcement Foreclosure
    3. Equitable Lien Rights
    4. Quiet Title
    5. Evictions and Unlawful Detainers (see above)
    6. Partition Actions
  5. Brokerage General Counsel Services
    1. Broker and Agent Training Seminars:
      1. Purpose: Obtaining a real estate agent license is just your step in the door. It only suggests you know the bare essentials. Even the most experienced agents and brokers are usually ill-equipped to navigate the complex world of real estate transactions and disputes. There is a reason attorneys typically handle real estate transactions in other states. Consumers do benefit from the lower cost of California’s broker system, but a lack of training can be disastrous. My seminars will help real estate professionals identify and fix a problem before it turns into litigation or an inquiry from the Department of Real Estate.
      2. Topics Include:
        • Scope of Fiduciary Duties
        • Navigating the Residential Purchase Agreement
        • Cancellations
        • Disclosure Duties and Strategy
        • Earnest Money/Deposits
        • Forfeiture of Deposits (“liquidated damages”)
        • Escrow, Title and Vesting
      3. Routine Advice and Consultation
      4. Litigation
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