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  • How to Evict Your Tenant: Step One, The Eviction Notice

    Being a landlord is a mixed bag. It can be a wonderful investment when things go well; but if you are reading this, chances are you've realized it can quickly turn into a costly nightmare. In this guide, you will learn the basis steps for evicting your tenant with the least amount of risk. This guide should only be used for residential landlord-tenant disputes because commercial leases are usually ...
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  • Montebello Student Killed Crossing Street in Highland Park

    17 year-old Andres Perez was struck while crossing the street in Highland Park on Tuesday as Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools due to a terrorist threat that later proved to be a hoax. Many have questioned the District's decision to close all schools due to the lack of apparent credibility with the threat. A candlelight vigil is planned in Andres' honor and to voice concern ...
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  • Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Lead to Mass Litigation

    Citizens of Porter Ranch in Los Angeles County may soon find themselves embroiled in mass litigation with the Southern California Gas Company. The community has been inundated by natural gas caused by a massive leak from an underground pipe at the Alison Canyon gas storage facility owned by the Company. To put the size of the leak in perspective, it accounts for 25% of all methane emissions in the ...
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  • Uber Driver Arrested for Groping USC Student

    An Uber driver has been arrested after a USC student accused him of sexual assault over the weekend. The driver was arrested after the student activated a safety application on her cell phone called "LiveSafe." This arrest comes at a very bad time for Uber, which is trying to distance itself from claims that its drivers are employees and not independent contractors. Employers are typically liable ...
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  • Civil Remedies for Crime Victims

    Civil Lawsuits Ensure Justice Civil lawsuits brought by victims of crime can prove to be even more powerful than a prison sentence. Overcrowding is forcing California prisons to release inmates into Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties at a staggering rate. Crime victims don't have to rely solely on the criminal courts for justice. And unlike criminal courts, a substantial civil judgment ...
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  • Cosby Accuser Could End Up Paying Big

    Former model Janis Dickinson sued Bill Cosby for defamation because he publicly denied her sexual assault accusations. Presumably Ms. Dickinson claims Cosby's public denial of her claims was an attack on her credibility. Love him or hate him, Cosby's defense attorneys are making all the right moves. Cosby hired attorneys from Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan to defend the Dickinson lawsuit. ...
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